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Vision & Mission

VAK Gifted Learning Method


Our Vision:

"Empowering Hard Workers to Become Gifted Students: Unlocking Opportunities and Transforming Lives."


Our Mission:
We aim to provide motivated students with opportunities to advance their learning beyond the academic year, allowing them to learn more efficiently, progress further, and become gifted students.

Action Slogan:
Empower self-directed learning
Foster a loving and caring environment

Target audience:
- Students in Grade 4 or above, who are willing to take responsibility for their own learning
- Parents who share our belief in cultivating their children into gifted students with love and care


Core values:
- Every individual has the potential to excel
- Family should be built on love and care
- Learning should not be constrained by academic years



The VAK Gifted Learning Method is a learning system developed based on the above core values and is a collaborative effort between students and parents to facilitate mutual growth.

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